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"I don't believe this," Amanda says over and over again. "I just don't believe this is happening. This is a nightmare."

"I know." I give a little shiver. "It's a total nightmare."

"What did your mom say when you told her?"

"I ... haven't exactly told her," I admit.

Amanda grabs my shoulders and swings me round to face her.  

"You haven't TOLD her? Latoya, you have to tell her. That man could have raped you."

I feel tears welling up in my eyes, but manage to blink them away.  

"I tried to tell her the next morning while he was out. But she... she didn't believe me. I started telling her about how he walked into my room while I was changing and how you and I thought he'd been outside my window that time we were trying on clothes. And she just... she just lost it with me."

"You mean she blamed YOU?"

"Yes. She said I'm getting older now and must realise I can't walk around the house in skimpy clothes any more. And then she just started shouting at me. Like it's my fault he did anything to me. I tried to tell her that he came into my room last night, but she didn't want to hear it. It was almost like..." I stop for a moment and swallow hard. "It was almost like she was jealous of me or something."

"That is so weird."

"I know."

Amanda and I stare at each in frustration. Then we both jump as a voice speaks behind us.

"What's weird is that neither of you told me anything about this." Jayden steps out from behind the pillar next to us. "When were you planning to tell me that you're in danger, Latoya?   How can we ever have a relationship if you won't trust me?"

WHAT DO YOU THINK: If a girl dresses in mini-skirts and skimpy tops does she only have herself to blame when a guy misinterprets this?  Or should girls be able to wear whatever they like?


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  1. 2 Feb. 2014
    184. #00ff00(G)/Phelelani(G)/ says

    We r teens we hv come 2 dat stage of wearing short things and revealing our bodies so you should let us go cause men wear whatever they like but you see them getting raped:,

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  2. 9 March 2013
    183. $:-)+:-)Sweet+lady:-)$ says

    Galz should wear watevr dey want n anywy evry1 hz a ryt 2 wear wat he or she wants

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  3. 27 Jan. 2013
    182. (G)(x):}#20874f.+$D#fff000O#95 says

    W0w ditlab0wa m0s m0 mara

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  4. 28 Aug. 2012
    181. J+macp says

    Ay yo i saw ths grl wearin a skimpy short mini actualy its nt a mini coz her ass ws all up in our faces bt i dnt thnk tht gives any1 the right 2 rape her or any1 in tht matter bt grls shld strt wearin clothes

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  5. 23 Aug. 2012
    180. Moodz+guy says

    Girls should able to weare what ever they want as we live in place of democrate.No one have a right to embarass or harrase a girl

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  6. 26 Aug. 2011
    179. STAGGER says

    Nhe galz musnt wear dat way coz nathi we hv gt sum feelings.bt if u r ugly u can wear dat way bt if u r cute dnt evn try 2

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